While photo booths are not a new concept, their adoption is taking longer than expected for an idea that was first patented in 1888! For that reason, we thought we should do a piece letting you know what to expect when hiring our photo booth. Off the bat, we’d like you to know that we’re not in one physical location and our photo booth is a bit different from what you’ve seen in the movies. If anything, the entire thing is quite portable.

Here are 7 fun facts about Picha Booth you should know

  1. The photo booth is a fully integrated one stop shop. What does that mean? The entire setup is inclusive of a camera, lighting, printer and a whole bunch of wiring that makes the magic happen.
  2. We don’t need a huge truck, a crane, nails or a hammer to set up at our event. We take about 30 minutes to set-up the space. This would include assembling the machine, laying out the props table and putting up the backdrop. When fully functioning, we have the photo booth on one side and backdrop on the other. Sam (photo booth assistant extraordinaire) provides most of the muscles, but Nyambura, the director, isn’t too shabby in the “I can lift heavy objects and look good while at it” sector.

    photo booth operator
    Photo booth heavy lifting
  3. It comes with props of all sizes, emojis, hats, funny signs, glasses and a variety of backdrops too. And if you book in advance, custom-made props and signs with words specific to your event can be arranged.

    Photo booth props
    Photo booth props
  4. Picha Booth comes with a handsome attendant named Sam. He’s a bit on the soft-spoken side, but he’s a great guy. You may want to pay close attention to everything he tells you to do. It’s quite possibly the difference between a good time and a horrible picture (and that would be your fault, though we’d gladly give you a do-over). PS: To the single ladies, you unfortunately, don’t get to take Sam home with you. Only your photos ?

    photo booth assisstant
    Photo booth assistant extraordinaire.
  5. Photos take about 10 seconds to print but could take longer depending on the queue, so please be patient, it will be worth your wait. And everyone in the photo gets a copy!
photo booth instant prints
Everybody gets a copy!

6. Group photos are the best but if you insist on a single…why not!…Just make it count (don’t do the same pose over and over again)

photo booth fun
The more the merrier.

7. There are no age restrictions. Our Instagram Page has classic examples of seniors having a good time and acting like some pretty cool cats. There’s no event too serious for a photo booth in Kenya.  We offer services for corporate gigs, weddings and any party gives you the freedom to unleash your goofy and playful.

Click here to make your booking today! For more information, visit us at http://pichabooth.co.ke/.


Feature image source: http://www.photohistory-sussex.co.uk/AutoPortraitsDudkin.htm