Meet Sam, the friendly face at Picha Booth encouraging you to tap into your inner child with props and letting you know when to say cheese.

  1. Meet Sam, the friendly face at Picha Booth encouraging you to tap into your inner child with photo booth props and letting you know when to say cheese.
    Photo booth assistant extraordinaire 🙂

    Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a 4thyear student in JKUAT pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Micro Biology. I am a quiet person, mistaken for being shy, which is not the case. I am also an entrepreneur and own two companies, one in technology and the other in building and construction. I have a passion for service delivery, that is why I am comfortable working with Picha Booth.

  1. How long have you been working at Picha booth?

I have been with Picha Booth for about a year and three months. It has moved quite first that I forgot my first year anniversary.

  1. How has your experience been so far?

I have gone for more than 40 gigs. Most of them have been enjoyable, but you can’t lack that one where things didn’t go so well.

  1. Tell us about your most challenging gig. How did you fix the issue?

That gig was the Jazz Festival. On my way to the gig the Uber driver I was with hit a boda-boda and then fled the scene. When I finally got to the event, Nyambura was there and found out that it was a six-hour gig. The clients were kids, so I had to find the patience and balance between working and keeping my cool. I have gained a lot from Picha Booth in that I have been able to improve my PR skills by default.

  1. What has Picha booth taught you that you didn’t know before?

It has taught me to jump the hurdles that come with life. At first, I was afraid of talking to people that I didn’t know but through Picha Booth, I have been able to build my PR skills and trust myself more. I got my driving license recently, and then after two weeks Nyambura asked me to go set up at a gig and that she would meet me later. I was terrified of going into the Nairobi traffic but I gathered courage, got the route in my head and despite missing a turn, I had to be quick in my thinking and got another route.

So through Picha Booth, I have been able to sharpen my quick thinking skills. It is an experience I cannot regret. I am also not broke; you know campus people are broke depending on their parents and the upkeep. I love the experience and going to the different places. I think even now I have ideas for my wedding (if I will do one) from the exposure of the weddings and parties.

If someone wants to do an event they can hire me because I have the ideas of all the decorations in my head 😊 It is a great experience, and I love it.

  1. You’re quite the handsome chap; do you get hit on?

Laugher, I’ve never been at an event, and then someone hit on me; maybe I didn’t notice. Most of the time I have my “work” face, and I know it’s scary. So I don’t think anyone would approach me like that. That would explain why I don’t get hit on.

  1. What’s the one thing you wish people knew about Picha booth?

Picha booth is a whole new level of photography. It is the only type of photography where all photos are a hit, and you wouldn’t want to delete any afterward.

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