Interacting with diverse personalities is an aspect we really love about running Picha Booth in Kenya. In as much as we’ve been part of over 40 events, these same personalities still stand out at the photo booth.

  1. The Know It Alls

Ah, yes. They literally do know it all. Here’s how you know that they know that they know it all (hope we didn’t lose you there):

Person: OMG! Photo booth! I remember the time when I was at…  and there was such a photo booth…. And we had so much fun! Oh, look! Props! We should…

  1. The Instructor

This second one could dabble in being a know-it-all as well, but it’s pretty much the person who calls the shots. They are great visionaries and master coordinators, taking control of the photo session. The script pretty much goes like this:

Person: Guys! Let’s do this pose! Okay now let’s pout. No, you’re ruining the photo. We need to repeat! How about you use this prop instead? …

I'm the captain now
I’m the captain now
  1. The Curious One

They start from the corner of the room or field, keenly eyeing the foreign machine and the activities around it. As time goes by, they inch closer…. and closer… until they finally have the courage to ask what it is. This lot is often overjoyed from the new experience.

Curious George
Curious George
  1. Peer Pressure

They could care less about taking photos, but their friends insist that they do. How do we know this? They’ll likely use the same prop in each pose, have the same facial expression or perhaps even look aloof during the entire photo sequence.

I don't care.
I don’t care.
  1. The Kids

We’re talking about literal kids here. The photo booth is adult size, and therefore they are unlikely to be seen in the frame. They tend to be naughty as well; they try making a run for it with the props, only to cry when they have to put them back.

It's mine...
Time out!
  1. The Kikuyu businessman

This guy wants to be your competitor. They will ask investigative questions about how the booth works and finally finish with an “if I wanted to buy this, where can I get one?”

I see you!
I see you!
  1. The Observer

This type is particularly creepy. They’ll simply stand and observe when set-up is underway. No word will be uttered, they just stand and stare.

Arkwaaaaaard ...
Arkwaaaaaard …
  1. The Conservative

Playful is definitely not a word you’d use to describe this type of person. They’ll only stick to one pose for the entire photo sequence.

Assistant: Smile!

Person: No response

Assistant: Would you like to pick a prop? There’s quite a-

Person: No.

Poker Face
Let me be!
  1. Slay Queens

A list cannot be complete without this category of women. We acknowledge that the term ‘slay queen’ is so 2017, but we’re not quite sure how else to describe them. Even though they arrive as a group, each lady prefers individual photos. The poses are usually pretty much the same – a pout, a sophisticated laugh, a naughty face and a serious face. For this category of people, there is one simple commandment: Thou shall not photobomb!

photo booth fun
Slay queen, slay!

Do you see yourself on this list? Don’t laugh alone, share it with your friends and let them spot their photo booth personality!

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