In as much as it’s a cliché line, my years of experience have shown me this to be true. Most, if not all, of us, have had crazy ideas and wished to act on them, but instead become afraid of the unknown, both success and failure and end up wallowing in paralyzing fear. Sometimes you need to take action for the fear to flee and not have the power over you.

You need to start! Yes, but that’s the hardest part.

Courage my friends

That holds true to business, relationships, or even school; the challenging part is getting started. Once you do, however, things start flowing; doors start opening, and new opportunities and ways of thinking present themselves. Just to ground this concept, take a moment to reflect on the time you started something you were dreading, for example, a job, and appreciate where you are now. Not so scary after all, was it?

The “after” is what should motivate you to move and get started. When you doubt and second guess yourself, you’re not able to enjoy the fruits of the very thing you’re anxious about. Looking back at Picha Booth, given it was a relatively new concept in Kenya I would never have been where I am, that is, creating a beautiful experience for people if I’d remained inactive. I had to look past the fear of failure (which was real), to get the courage to look for capital to start and push through.

So, remember, action cures fear.

Your idea doesn’t have to be perfect. It could be two-dimensional but the mere fact that you move and get started, creative juices start flowing, and soon the vision becomes 3D. You, however, cannot get to this point by waiting to know how every facet of the plan unfolds. Just start, no matter how small. It could be sketching, putting it on paper or spending some cash, anything to make it come alive. The reality of starting even when events aren’t perfect is an underlying theme of narratives that successful business people, thought leaders and motivational speakers share.

Bottom line is just to start.

In my experience, they are right. Here’s why.

The universe has a beautiful way of conspiring to turn your vision into reality. It waits for you to put it out there for things to unfold. Granted, it is not as fast as a fairy turning a pumpkin into a carriage, but it is well worth it. The part that discourages people is the time it takes.  Therefore, starting out, you need to be patience because Rome wasn’t built in a day. But that’s what makes time beautiful (and a friend at that); as you continue, your trade becomes like fine wine.

What I’ve enjoyed most about entrepreneurship are the small wins. Going through an event without a technical hitch is a success. Getting a call from an international hotel chain or a celebrity or someone prominent… for Picha Booth, that is a small (big) win. Stumbling on content that I can apply and improve my trade? That’s another win.

What makes everything so sweet is that nothing is in vain.

Ever looked back at your life and been massively impressed at how far you’ve come? If you love that feeling, then start with whatever that small idea you have and watch the universe conspire to help you.

See how far you've come
Looking back at the wins

And remember, action cures fear.

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