Here at Picha Booth we are all about supporting brands we love, and one that we are happy to give a shout out is InstaMarket 254. We caught up with Eli Mwenda, one of the co-founders, to find out more about what he’s all about.

Guest Blogger: Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254
Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254

On InstaMarket

Did InstaMarket 3.0 meet your expectations? Why?

Yes I did, the turnout was what I hoped for and the vibe and energy is exactly what I aim for when planning any market.

What are the behind-the-scenes of making such an event come to life?

A lot of marketing strategies, phone calls to organize logistics and email to the vendors and companies to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also a lot of time on Instagram answering questions and creating engagement through posts and stories.

Guest Blogger: Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254
Morning = emails, phone calls and morning briefs

How long does it take to plan and execute InstaMarket?

The average InstaMarket takes roughly 3 week; this is ensuring people have enough notice and also so vendors can organize themselves.

What are you promoting through this initiative? Why should Kenyans care?

My main aim with InstaMarket is to help small businesses have a platform to engage with customers, gain new ones and also grow their business through our online influence.

Guest Blogger: Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254
Eli and his squad having some photo booth fun

Where were you when the inspiration to start InstaMarket hit?

I was in a cafe having a conversation with my sister about how we would use social media to sell out brands and the idea snowballed from there.

What’s the working relationship between yourself and your sister, the cofounder?

We are equal partners and we constantly bounce ideas around on how to develop the market each time.

Do you have some tips for us when it comes to working with family?

Remember to switch off and stop talking about business at certain points otherwise it can consume you and you forget to have real moments and relationships with your loved ones.

On Man Talk

Tell us a bit about your co-hosts

We are all from different fields; lawyer, TV host, and barbershop owner. However we all have shared interests in men’s issues so it has been a natural coming together. The dynamic really works.

Guest Blogger: Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254
Man Talk Crew

What’s the greatest payoff of starting Man Talk?

Hearing that some of the things we are talking about on the show is having a positive impact on young men’s lives and also being able to offer advice and valuable information.

What has been the feedback like thus far at the end of Season 1?

It has been incredible, even offline a lot of people have said how much it has helped them and how they have shared with friends. There have also been rather serious situations that people have asked us to help them with, so that’s been gratifying to see that people value and trust our advice and opinions.

You talked about mental health on one of the episodes. What’s your story?

I’ve been very fortunate to have sound mental health and not ever struggled with issues in that department. However, through my degree I have studied mental health and also have witnessed people struggle.

What led you to settle on IG TV as the main viewing platform?

We wanted it to be short and sweet to 9 mins on IGTV seemed perfect. However, after speaking to people and getting feedback we have decided to branch out to YouTube in coming seasons.

On House of Eli

What inspired you to start an online clothing store?

Fashion has always been a part of my life and I wanted to offer people the styles that they see me wearing and like.

Guest Blogger: Eli Mwenda of InstaMarket254
House of Eli

How was the launch received?

It has had a great reception, and also from this interaction I was able to understand the men’s fashion market in Kenya and adjust.

What’s the future of House of Eli?

I’m currently working on my own designs and in the process of finishing off samples. These designs will be the first made and manufactured by me but I’m in no rush as it needs to be perfect.

On personal life

What’s your morning routine like?

Morning = emails, phone calls and morning briefs with my staff then I head out to start the rest of the day.

Do you have other gigs apart from the three mentioned?

Yes, I run a company in the automotive sector.

What is your spare time spent on?

Gym, Netflix and socializing with peers and friends. I want to get back on the tennis court and football pitch.

What words of wisdom can you share with other entrepreneurs out there?

Take risks while you have less to lose. Don’t wait to start and you don’t need money; you need initiative and work ethic, the money will come.

Life lesson you live by?

Be kind, be humble. You can learn something from anybody.

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