Last year, Fena launched her new album Unleashed in November and we were honoured to take part in the event doing what we do best (capturing memories). We had been planning to feature her on here… and thanks to Rona, we were able to finally have a quick catchup post-launch. Enjoy!

Fena Gitu Unleashed - On Life and Music
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How did you know it would be music for you?

I grew up in a music family, my mum and sister are singers.

Describe your journey.

My journey in the industry has been long and tough, but patience, commitment and consistency has kept me going.

What’s the one mark you feel you’ve left in music?

I can say I leave my mark in music by releasing feel-good music that is relatable across generations. Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, you can vibe with it, and I think that’s something great to leave.

Any tips for women who what to be a boss lady?

Again, I would say consistency. A woman in leadership requires a lot more attention with being in control of your situation no matter what. Always be on top of your game.

Quarantine is upon us! Anything you’ve learned during this time?

The quarantine season for me has been very eye-opening, a time to reflect. Music is the main source of income and livelihood and now it’s actually branching out into other things. On top of that there is the personal life and personal growth, and really taking some time off to calibrate.

What would you say to a younger you?

I would say patience is a virtue. Nothing good comes easy and, good things come to those who wait.

What’s the one misconception about you you’d like to clear up?

A misconception about me is that I am a snob. I’m just painfully shy, that’s it.

How would you describe your tribe?

I call my tribe the Fenatics. A Fenamenal man or woman is bold, is confident, is unapologetic, is loving, is caring for their community. We look out for each other and hope to build each other.

Fena Gitu Unleashed - On Life and Music

Who is Nazizi in terms of your inspiration for neo-Kenyan roots?

Nazizi paved the way for all the girls in the industry so I definitely pay my respects to her. She’s a great colleague and a great inspiration.

Dancehall or Reggae, which one influences you more into creating hits?

I am a dancehall girl- I grew up in Eastlands so we grew up on a lot of reggae and dancehall but you know, I like to party so I lean more towards dancehall.

Have you come across the issue where you’ve had to sacrifice your identity to create a hit song?

The whole essence of Fenamenal is staying true to who you are. So, I’ve never had to sacrifice my identity to create a hit song.

Fena Gitu Unleashed - On Life and Music

Fena Gitu Unleashed - On Life and Music
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