Lydia Asena Photograpghy
Lydia Asena

How did you get into the photography business?

Getting into the business was purely by chance since I started photography as a hobby using my Nokia Xpress music smart phone. The interest has grown over time and along the way I learnt how to use a DSLR through Digital Photography School, an online platform and also owning one and persistent practicing. I also did a short course in a local photography school where I got to network with like-minded people.

What kind of photography do you engage in?

I have experience in a wide array of photography. I have done family shoots, baby shoots, wedding, events, portraits, product, food, nature, environmental and conservation shoots and to a lesser extent editorial photography. It is always good to be specific with one kind of genre but I enjoy experimenting by capturing different moments. The world is diverse and there are always different situations that a photographer can capture therefore I don’t box myself too much on what I can shoot and what I cannot.

How long have you been in photography? Tell us about your journey till here…

I have engaged in photography for about five years but it’s only until 2015 that I started learning more about using a DSLR and taking professional and creative shots.

I have always been interested in photography but in the formative periods I was more fascinated by other people’s images. I remember admiring postcards in bookshops and giftshops and I would spend sufficient amounts of time just going through them and admiring the images of Maasai warriors, wildlife and African Savannah landscapes. I still admire images and I always spend an extra second looking at advertisements and calenders with great photography.

The growth of smart phones with fantastic camera specifications definitely played a great role in building my photography interest. In tow with this was the advent and spread of use of social media which meant that you have somewhere to share your images.  So those two came hand in hand and really helped with what started out as a simple interest and has developed into a full grown passion.

Tell us more about your partnership with Picha Booth

Picha Booth approached me so that we can work together. We both realized that we stand to benefit by riding on each others strengths and abilities. In as much as I have photography skills and I have a great portfolio getting clients is really challenging. So we sat down and decided to work together and pull eachother up and see where we move from there.

With this partnership we both look forward to getting more opportunities to build ourselves.

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