Do you like the idea of a photo booth for your event but still need additional information to make an informed decision? Here are our frequently asked questions to both enlighten you and put your mind at ease.

  • Where are you located?

You can find us on or call us on 0703699608 or drop us an email on or send us a message via FB or Instagram @pichabooth

  • How much are props?

We don’t sell or hire out props, they came with the booth … they go together like ying and yang!

  • I want props that go with my event theme, are you able to customise props?

Yes, we do customise props to suit your theme. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it but at an extra cost.

  • I want customised prints; can I get that?

Sure thing, you just need to send the message (and logo) in advance. We’re more than happy to create a unique event for you and your loved ones. Check out this one  or this one to see how much fun you can have with customisation. This however comes at an extra cost, but if you are on the platinum package its included in the package.

  • Are the photos instant?

Oh yes! Just stand pretty by the booth because it’ll be ready in a jiffy. Unless the printer is sulking and needs some TLC, then you’ll have to give us a few more minutes. Luckily, that rarely happens.

  • How many copies do you make?

Everyone in the photograph gets their own print.

  • Do we get digital copies?

Guests receive the prints as a keepsake, the host (who paid for the photo booth) gets all soft copies either via email or USB drive. Feel free to sidebar the host to send you your digital images ?

  • How much do you charge for your services?

We have per hour billing and offer three packages; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Click here to see our packages via our website.

  • Do you split time if there’s a specific time frame during my event guests cannot take photos?

We recommend that you book time before or after said period when your guests can take photos freely.

  • Can you move the booth from one location to another during the event?

We’d rather not given how heavy the machine is, but we’re willing to if the elements or such factors force us to.

  • My guests and I are having so much fun! Can we ask for additional hours?

Unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end … we have to move along to capture memories elsewhere. So make the most of the booth while we are still there.

  • How soon in advance should I make a booking?

As soon as the idea comes to mind. We’re often booked months in advance so don’t wait up to the last minute. You can book here then we shall proceed to share a quote.

  • Do you guys come outside Nairobi?

Yes! Where the fun is we go. It will however be at an added cost. Transport, and depending on the distance, accommodation will be factors you’ll have to consider during your planning.

Our personal favourite …

  • We have no budget for a photo booth, but are you willing to come to our event for exposure?


photo booth operators
We cannot pay bills with exposure











Don’t be a gangster, feel free to drop us a comment with any questions you may have. Till next time …

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