Between sharing hurling emojis and being excited about my television debut, I thought it was important to share our preparations and learnings from KCB’s Lions’ Den show on KTN. What you might not know is that the show was recorded in June, and because of the contracts we signed, we could only talk about it after it aired. We hope this gives insight into the process and pointers for those who might end up being on the show.


If you don’t want the Lions to tear you up, your pitch must be flawless. That means memorizing your pitch, moving words and sentences around until the entire thing lands easily on the listener’s ear. That takes time, so you need to prepare well in advance, not the previous night :/

Preparation also has to do with what you’ll wear. For us, wearing branded t-shirts, jeans and sneakers was a natural choice. That’s likely what we’ll be wearing at your event. As for the beat face, that was all Lions’ Den production team. The make-up artist did a fantastic job, no?

Picha Booth on KCB Lions' Den
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Picture courtesy of KTN Kenya

Get your numbers right

“Did you just pluck that valuation out of thin air?”

That is what you’re likely to hear a Lion ask if you don’t know how much your company is worth. I’ll be honest with you. I got a tonne of help on this part- professional spreadsheets and all. Josephat Auma, Wangari Kinyori and Suzanne Gathuri helped me understand the numbers, along with figuring out the earnings and net profits. When practicing the pitch, a cheeky Josephat would ask me the same question worded differently to see if I knew what valuation, equity, and other terms meant. Suffice to say; I’m that much knowledgeable because of this experience.

Knowing your numbers (and going the extra mile to give a breakdown) is how you make Lions take you seriously. Remember how fast I got the offer? Even I was shocked!

Have a squad

From getting the numbers right to writing the pitch and everything in between, you need a team of dedicated people who are out to help you win. We had dry runs where they would act as Lions, giving me hard stares and raising an eyebrow or two when I stumbled. Feedback is also an essential part of the process: “Nyambura talk slower” “Yes, you should keep that watermelon at weddings joke” “Nyambura breathe!”

A special shout out to my KCB Lion’s Den Steering Committee, my television debut wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did. I also want to thank “toto smart” who gave me the push to apply and to those who cheered me on days leading up to  the recording.

Picha Booth on KCB Lions' Den
LD Steering Committee (we even had a Whatsapp group … by the same name)

Be yourself

For the first few minutes I was nervous, you could hear it in my voice. But I did get to a place where I threw proverbial monkeys out the window and let my personality through. Part of the feedback I got was my presentation was very articulate, confident and that my responses were humorous and honest. That’s my last bit of advice; even with nerves and all, remember to be yourself. It is in that space you’re able to flow and be your best.

Picha Booth on KCB Lions' Den
I had no choice but to be myself … that’s all I can be 🙂

A big thank you to KCB Group for the opportunity, the Lions for the audience, Quite Bright Films for all the training and support (and off course making me look good on TV 😀 ) and for everyone who tuned in, and for the feedback and love, you sent my way!

Picha Booth on KCB Lions' Den
Photo booth fun with the Lions
Picha Booth on KCB Lions' Den
Photo booth fun with the production team

I am because you are!

As always, thanks for stopping by.