Today’s post focuses on the backdrops Picha Booth offers as part of the capturing-memories experience: Raindrops, floral, hearts, abstract lines, and string lights.

What are backdrops?

These are artistic displays used as artificial backgrounds for any setup. In an event, their purpose is to set the mood that you wish to capture. You will also find that they work in line with the theme the host selected if there is one – for the most part.

Point to note: Our Picha Booth backdrops are not walls; once you lean on it we will gather it, and you, from the ground. Therefore, be mindful around it to avoid accidents 😊

Backdrop Caution


Our 2018 backdrop was raindrops. Clients would absolutely not get enough of it. It was the most used; it brings a sense of calm, with a familiarity that borders on nostalgia yet capturing present bliss. It is perhaps because raindrops are known to symbolize renewal that most people tend to gravitate toward it. It also brings with it a playful and care-free vibe. If that is the mood you wish to capture, join all the 2018 fans in choosing it this year.

Picha Booth’s five fabulous backdrops
Photo booth 2018 Backdrop


This background is popular with weddings and bridal showers. Overall, it works well with events with a botanical theme. As a photo booth backdrop, it gives your photos a whimsical effect. Flowers are known for their abilities to evoke happiness and are considered a sign for intimacy. If any of these sounds like the type of event you are having, then the floral background is for you.

Picha Booth’s five fabulous backdrops


Hearts bring that dreamy-vibe to an event. They are popular with weddings, but overall people tend to shy away from it. When a photo is taken, the hearts are blurred, creating a picturesque photo worth of a couple of hundred Instagram likes and a board on Pinterest. There are plenty of places they work, not just weddings. Bridal and baby showers are also another fantastic place to select this background.

Picha Booth’s five fabulous backdrops
Love is all you need 🙂

Abstract lines

If you are looking for a modern and edgy vibe backdrop to capture memories on, then abstract lines is the way to go. Corporates tend to lean toward this type of background because it is easy on the eye. It is yet to pick up- if you are into abstract shapes, origami and other contemporary styles then consider choosing this backdrop.


Picha Booth’s five fabulous backdrops
Origami like

 String lights

By far string lights are one of your favourite backdrops because it gives is the feeling of Christmas in July. It is essentially a backdrop that has string lights hang horizontally. This is popular with corporates events, dinners and evening parties. Apart from making for a well-lit background, they add that extra spark that reflects the location’s ambiance.

Picha Booth’s five fabulous backdrops
Lights … cant get enough of them 🙂

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