Welcome to Picha Booth!

It’s great to have you reading this as this is our very first blog post ?

Just in case you are not familiar with our work, we are a Nairobi based photo booth company that offers photo booth services for events – weddings, baby showers, corporate gigs, birthdays…any party really!

Let’s start with the basics – what is a photo booth? When we started out, a lot of people were baffled by the idea and most did not understand why this service was a must have at your event. Well, I’m sure you have seen a photo booth at least in a movie; where love birds walk into a mall enter a box like thingy, pose and get an instant print (usually a photo strip and in black and white). Picha Booth works the same, only difference is that you don’t have to be in love ? It’s for everyone! Young and old. Big or small. Tall or short. All we ask is that you be yourself and have fun.

Our machine is about 5 feet 8 inches – the average height of a tall Kenyan. It’s open air in design, meaning that you don’t have to enter an enclosure (though we do offer an enclosure option). 5 easy steps to get started:

  1. Grab a prop (we have a variety!)
  2. Stand in front of the machine (you’ll see a white light…look at it)
  3. Press Start (this is when the magic begins)
  4. Strike a Pose (there can be up to 4 poses so get creative)
  5. Get you instant print (takes about 10 secs and everybody gets a copy!)

Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time; Sam our photobooth operator extraordinaire will take you through until you do. He is very serious about capturing memories so he will ensure you get your best shot.

We are in the business of fun so we want you to have fun in our booth – no serious photos please. We are all about goofy and quirky!

Looking forward to capturing your memories!


Nyambura Kinyori.

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