Stephanie Kanyiri of Welcome Home
Stephanie Kanyiri of Welcome Home

Meet Stephanie Kanyiri from Welcome Home. She runs a home décor and organization business here in Nairobi. The venture started out of a need- she just couldn’t find what she needed in the local market. In the midst to solve her own problem, she ended up doing the same for those around her, and finally become a business owner. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey. She answers as follows:

How did Welcome Home start?

I’ve always enjoyed all things home organization & home decor. I realized that most of the time some of the kitchenware & homeware I needed for my space was unavailable locally and if so, a bit on the expensive side. So I ended up sourcing the items I needed that fit my style from all over.  After a while, my friends & family started to show interest and request for what I’d have in my home and that’s how Welcome Home was born!

Talk a bit about your vision for the brand and your experience.

Our vision is to offer products that provide quality and value to our customer while meeting needs for an expression of personal style. We also strive to become a top of mind solution for home organization & home decor.

Stephanie Kanyiri: How a need turned into a business
Welcome Home Collection

What was your background before making the decision to start the brand?

I am a marketing & communications professional and I can say that my background has helped us understand & meet our customers’ needs as well as provide exemplary customer service. In addition, this has helped boost the sales & marketing aspect for our business.

Did you ever have doubts (or still do) about Welcome Home?

As with any new business, there was some uncertainty whether there would be a demand for the products we were bringing in. However, we received an overwhelming positive response from our customers and we haven’t looked back since 🙂

What’s the one advice you would give to the Stephanie who was starting out?

Don’t be paralyzed by fear, just take the first step and do it!

Where do you source your kitchenware and homeware? How did you go about finding the right suppliers?

We source our items from all over the world. One of the key aspects I put into consideration when sourcing for a product is to ensure that it is something I myself would & can use. If it is good for me to spend my coins on, then it is definitely something of value to my customers.

Stephanie Kanyiri: How a need turned into a business
Some of Welcome Home Products

What has been the most rewarding thing about the business?

The most rewarding thing I would say is the positive response and feedback we get from our customers. We love hearing stories of how they’ve enjoyed using our products and are grateful that we have in some way helped add some beauty into someone’s space.

Let us know anything you wish to tell us that we may have missed.

If you have been contemplating on starting a business/side hustle, find that one thing you are good at and just start. Social media has helped open up so many opportunities so why not give it a try?

Final words?

Trust the process. A little progress each day adds up to big results!

Stephanie Kanyiri: How a need turned into a business
Some of Welcome Home Products

If you’d like to know more about WelcomeHome, visit them on Facebook & IG on @welcomehomeke and can also reach them on 0721735296.

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