A small preamble 🙂 Millicent and I (NK) went to Uni together so when she reached out to me for a collaboration I was quite excited to learn that she is the brains and heart behind the expo! But I was even more excited because I love #girlbosses who are trailblazing and are brave enough to chase their dreams. And more importantly with consistency and commitment!

Okay, I’m done … without further ado …

Today’s post we have Millicent Otieno, the founder and organizer of The Grand Wedding Expo Kenya 2019. The expo is taking place from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of September at the Thika Road Mall Convention Centre. The key attraction will be The Ultimate Bridal Shower but there’s much more taking place, with events and competitions for future brides and grooms to take part in. For more on what to expect you can visit The Grand Wedding Expo.

We caught up with Millicent to tell us more about the expo and her experience being in the industry thus far.

What edition is the Grand Kenya Expo in?

5th edition

The Grand Wedding Expo Kenya 2019
Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of September at the Thika Road Mall

How did the idea of Expo come about?

Passion to build up businesses in the wedding industry

What were you up to before getting the eureka moment?

I was an events and wedding planner

What’s been the journey like to this point?

A mix of successes and challenges, the challenges may dominate a bit. I guess it’s the same for every entrepreneur trying to build a business from scratch

The Grand Wedding Expo Kenya 2019

What do you consider a. your greatest personal learning and b. career learning?

  1. Theory and practical when it comes to business are worlds apart. Some things you only learn through experience.
  2. Always be ready to learn from others and adjust as you go along without losing the overall vision.

Are there misconceptions about the expo that you’d like to clear?

That we are in competition with similar wedding events. Our aim is to establish more platforms that get the products and services of wedding professionals before their target audience resulting in thriving businesses

Who mostly attends this event and who is it opened to?

Our target is brides and grooms looking for vendors for their upcoming wedding. However, event planners and those in relationships can also attend to learn more about marriage through platform like the Ultimate Bridal Shower taking place on 8th September as part of the expo at Thika Road Mall.

The Grand Wedding Expo Kenya 2019
Last year’s edition of The Grand Wedding Expo Kenya

Who are the event sponsors?

Venus Platinum for the Crown Your Bridal Hair Competition and Imperial Leather for Men for the Groom Lounge

What happens behind the scenes between expos?

A lot of planning, strategizing, re-strategizing and loads of prayer.

Parting shot?

Life happens…You just need to be you to survive.

As always, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at the expo!