Our photo booth journey thus far has been marked by the learning of how to navigate the small photo booth industry in Kenya. The beginning was quite hard – not many understood the photo booth concept. We’ve had to educate, encourage, convince and continuously sell the concept. There are misconceptions about what it is – most people liken it to a studio. We’ve had calls from people asking where we’re located so they can have their photos taken with the props they’ve spotted on our social media accounts. “…But we have a wedding photographer, why do we need a photo booth?” We’ve had to show clients that it’s a fun way to capture memories at their events.

At the heart of it, Picha Booth is about expressing oneself in a fun, unconventional way (funny faces and props does the trick), something an event photographer may not necessarily be able to capture. Some elderly clients have hinted at the concept as being childish. However, once they tried it, their inner child emerges and they end up admitting they’d had a good time.

Per hour billing is another challenge we have, Kenyans aren’t quite used to that idea. More often than not guests want their photos taken after the allocated slot ends, but we have to tell them “Time’s up, I’m closed,” and they think you’re mean. It’s just business …

photo booth meme
There comes a time when we have to shut down…

Our joy comes from seeing the young and old genuinely have a good time when taking their photos. There are tonnes of props to choose from, and it’s always interesting to watch people try finding what appeals most to them and laugh throughout the entire process. People usually can’t believe that they get their photo there and then! I tell you … its magic ?

But, it’s not always that straightforward – as with any machine we do get technical hitches; though we do manage to solve them, it does sometimes prove to be quite nerve-racking (perspiration tings)!

A big thanks to my mum! When we were starting out, she was our Logistics Manager. We’d cram all our equipment in her HONDA CRV (and still try to find room to sit) and she’d stay through every event and ferry us back home. My sisters as well, they were my Event Assistants. We’ve evolved since then and managed to purchase a van and hired assistants. But my family tirelessly continue to support and cheer us on.

photo booth fun
All you need is love

Picha Booth teaches me a lot. Starting out I had basic photography skills, but now I think I can write a “photography for dummies” series. My tech troubleshooting skills are up, along with navigating Nairobi as we try to make it from one event to another on opposite sides of the city. Oh and patience! I smile more now and find it easier to deal with difficult clients. That said we’re looking forward to many more years of providing photo booth Kenya services.

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